Welcome to
West Main St Winery & Brewery

Live music every Friday & Saturday night!


(check the schedule below)

Welcome to
West Main St Winery & Brewery

Live music every Friday & Saturday night!


(check the schedule below)


No upcoming events.


We highly recommend that if your party will be 6 or more please call in advance to reserve your table. (330) 839-8042

***No Reservations taken on special events.***


Playing the Music you want to hear

FREE Virtual Jukebox.

Play the music you want to hear with our FREE Virtual Jukebox. 

Choose between millions of songs and enjoy your music that you want to listen to, and best of all its free for you.

Ask our friendly staff for details.  (Not available during our live music)  


Wine Slushy of the Week


Wine Slushy of the week is:


A Combination of Nectar of the Vine Watermelon Frappe mix and our crisp Summertime Wine brings a powerful taste of your favorite summer into a delightful and very tasty slushy. 


Pina Colada

A combination of the Nectar of the Vine Pina Colada Frappe mix and our Junebug wine brings you a beautiful blend of Coconuts and Tropical fruits for that hot summer day.



Cheese and Cracker Tray

We offer 2 sizes of Cheese and Cracker trays that will survive 2 or 4 people. 

Cheese and Crackers for 2 $7.99

Cheese and Crackers for 4 $11.99 

Local Restaurants

We have teamed up with local restaurants that will deliver to your table in the winery.

Menus available.

Restaurants available are: 


Tavern 1888

Bring your own Food

You are welcome to bring your own food or snacks to the winery

Craft Beer on Tap


Black IPA

This American style Black IPA, also known as Cascadian Dark Ale, balances moderate roast character with medium-high hop bitterness. The distinct citrus, grapefruit and slight pine characteristics of the hops complement the roasted malt flavor and aroma of this Black IPA creating all the attributes you would expect in an American Style IPA.  ABV 5.2%  IBU's 38

Grapefruit IPA

Grapefruit peel and generous amounts of hops deliver a bouquet of floral and citrus aromas. A small addition of imported specialty malt brings balance while the natural grapefruit flavoring takes your senses to a tropical paradise.  ABV 5.2%  IBU's  49

Peanut Butter Porter

Full-bodied, rich and delicious, this brew features a creamy peanut butter taste with notes of chocolate and coffee. Finishes smooth with an optimal balance of hop character.   ABV  5.2%   IBU's  34


Pleasant citrus notes come from the bitter orange and lemon peel. Fermented with premium Safale US-05 dry yeast, this beer finishes clean with lingering flavors of citrus and spice. Crisp and refreshing.  ABV 4.5%  IBU's 18

Mr Walleye

Specially selected dark malt extracts and specialty grains combing to release a delightful bouquet of chocolate and roasted flavors.  Aged with a whisky barrel to impart flavors of oak and whisky.  ABV 6%  IBU's 38 

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About Us

Our Story

We are a family of veterans that own and operate WMS Winery since May of 2018. The winery was built from a dream and is located in a untraditional place from other winerys. We are located in the beautiful historic district of Ravenna Ohio where we turned what use to be in 1875 a general store named the "O.C. Risdon & E.R. Taylor General Store". (Pictures & Newspaper Ads from 1887 & 1889 below)  Almost 150 years later we started to turn this historical building into a warm and relaxing place where you can enjoy your glass of wine with family and friends.

 We buy juice from local farmers and from around the world so we can bring you the most flavorful and aromatic wines for your enjoyment. While you are here ask for a tour and take a step back in time with the history of the building and some artifacts that were discovered in the renovation.   

TRY IT.     

Don't forget the place!

No. 3 Marvin Block, Ravenna, Ohio

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West Main St Winery

234 W Main St, Ravenna, Ohio 44266, United States

(330) 839-8042

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